Some two years ago two wise guys set up a site called rich and creamy. It died before it ever matured, not to the disappointment of its dozen fans. In the meantime out of sight filled its place but not its shoes. Whether it was because the creators of rich and creamy struck gold in their original idea, or because their 14 friends were too lazy to update their RSS feeds, the international community snickered over out of sight's launch much like that of a North Korean rocket.

Now rich and creamy is making its comeback - to quickly steal a line from Christian weddings - for better or worse. In the original recipe, made in London, there were many artificial flavours. Since then the world has gone green: organic has become chic, and JJ has gone to Japan while William has gone to Paris. Signs of our times say there must be more original content, and so there will be and it will be clearly marked. Cartoons, photos, and vingettes to be sure - and if the guys hone their abs there is even talk of a rich and creamy adult film down the pipeline.

vital stats: pulse, penis and quite fanciable eyelashes
likes: the contents of other peoples lunchboxes
likes update: his girlfriend and his mum, but differently
dislikes: fig rolls, cetain mushy peas
celebrity lookalike: (well in Japan anyway) Paul McCartney with grey hair
celebrity actalike: Don Juan De Marco

Background; Irish, argumentative and sentimental, especially so in the company of Murphys. Although my dad, much like my uncle Michael, can`t understand why anyone would want to cross the road, let alone leave Ireland, I`ve always been mad to get miles between me and Cork. I spent the past three years in London, got an MA in journalism, went to work, cycled a lot and tried to avoid paying on busses. Now I have just relocated to Japan to be with my long suffering girlfriend, learn Japanese, write and occasionally scare the locals. Someday I hope my girlfriend reads this blog. I doubt it though. Reason for rich and creamy take two, to paraphrase Samuel Beckett – fail better.

vital stats: 1.84m, 90kg, 29 years old, hazel eyes
likes: fast cars and fast woman
likes update: his girlfriend and fiancee
dislikes: marmite
celebrity lookalike: (sadly) ben stiller and jerry seinfeld
celebrity actalike: antonio banderas and ben stiller
ironic trivia: william hates ben stiller

Background: American, meaning freedom naturally coarses through what part of his veins aren't clogged with cholesterol. Born and raised in Oklahoma, the only state that voted entirely Republican in the 2008 US presidential election, singularly disarming the idea that the country has moved beyond it race. Parents were loving but grounded hippies and encouraged his moving around. He moved across the country to Wisconsin, then to Spain, and returned home finish his BA. In 2006 he went to London to get a journalism degree and be closer to his girlfriend in Paris. And then at the start of 2009 he moved to France to be with her. She tolerates him and occasionally encourages the brainchildren of William and JJ, of which this blog is one.