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I want him to succeed and I even voted for him but that Nobel Prize was ridiculous. A voting panel of five Norwegians is hardly an indicator of broad support.

But patience and pragmatism are perhaps the problems with the Obama administration in many eyes, including my liberal eyes. Financial reform is more than underwhelming both in terms of regulation and TARP. Healthcare reform still has a long, long way to go. And - though this is no fault of his own, however he did pledge to achieve it - Capitol Hill has not been cleaned up.

Of course it's very, very early but that's precisely what disappoints me and many others. He's already sacrificed in ways we didn't think he would on things we didn't want sacrificed and yet hardly anything has been accomplished.

He's fighting a noble fight but it hasn't been inspiring yet another then him taking the mighty blows with grace that conservatives and loons serve him regularly.

Fighting two wars and operating Guantanamo may be what he has inherited but nonetheless the existence of each of these should not point towards peace prize.

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